School photos

So that time of year came and went as it always does.  The dreaded school photo session. Cheesy smiles, cheesy poses, retakes… and even if your photos do turn out, don’t forget about the steep package prices… I’m not a big fan of any of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had some success with school photos for my children, I’ve even purchased several packages between my two older children.  But I’m always left with a ton of photos that will never be used or sent away as we have a really small family and sending out school photos seems to be a thing of the past!  So this year I decided to take my own…what a concept hey?  A photographer actually taking her own childrens school photos?! Ha!  Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner?

We didn’t have to travel far to have the beautiful fall foliage and sweet light in the background while my boys struck a pose.  I love how these turned out and cannot wait to get them framed and up on our walls:)

If you’re also tired of the same ‘ol school photo sessions, give me a shout and we can set something up and create a package that really works for your needs and your wallet:)



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